Deep Space Lounge | Turin

Deep Space Lounge design lounge in the heart of Turin

Deep Space Lounge is located at the intersection of Via Bertola and Via XX Settembre in the heart of Turin. It was born as a state-of-the-art daytime bar that aims to meet the needs of its clientele, mainly composed of workers from the surrounding offices.

Project development.

Deep Space Lounge interior design

Our efforts focused on creating a space that, while connected to the urban environment, was at the same time separate from the chaos, conveying dynamism and innovation.

The design and concept of the venue reflect the intent to provide a modern and engaging experience, responding to the demands of the area’s working community.

An in-depth study of the color palette was the initial focus of the design for Deep Space Lounge.

The prevalence of white, chosen for its ability to convey tranquility and mental clarity, is reflected in the aesthetics of the counter, the dominant element and beating heart of the bar.

The demolition of a partition generated a large space, characterized by “shop windows” on both streets, Via Bertola and Via XX Settembre, where the main entrances are located.

The alcoves of the storefronts, enhanced by custom crafted seating, contribute to a welcoming atmosphere.

A large social table, painted in a vibrant electric blue contrasting with the predominant white, provides a convivial space with electrical outlets to facilitate customer connection.

deep space lounge

Orange color defines a more intimate area, distant from the vibrancy of the city. The vestibule hallway and the wall behind the table, also painted in electric blue, amplify the color contrast.

A colorful wallpaper completes the palette, making the spaces curious to passersby. The careful choice of colors, materials and furnishings was a constant stimulus for creativity, made possible by the inspiration of the clients. The result is an eye-catching environment that reflects Deep Space Lounge’s innovative and modern identity.

Deep Space Lounge_orbyta engineering
Deep Space Lounge_orbyta engineering