Architectural design and BIM oriented.

Architectural design.

We transform ideas into vibrant, functional spaces. At Orbyta Engineering, we model spaces with a holistic approach to architectural design.

From urban to interior design, our integrated service is supported by advanced BIM tools.

BIM design

BIM design.

Through internal and external processes, we implement BIM (Building Information Modeling) to ensure fluid communication between the design team, contractors, and our clients.

In fact, this methodology provides us with complete control over the work and allows us to anticipate and correct any errors, greatly improving efficiency and accuracy in the construction phase.

Progettazione architettonica di interior disegn BIM oriented

Interior design​.

We create interior spaces that reflect the client’s personality and offer a unique living experience, masterfully integrating architectural design. From concept to implementation, using innovative materials, ergonomic solutions, and thoughtful details for an uncompromising living experience, our team of interior design experts transforms each room into a tangible representation of the client’s vision.

Progettazione urbanistica realizzata con BIM

Urban design.

Our approach to urban design is the marriage of creativity and functionality, with a focus on architectural design. We shape urban environments that are sustainable, welcoming, and in tune with communities.

Through an innovative approach and the use of BIM tools, we integrate architectural design to create places that reflect not only beauty but also the efficiency of urban living.

Pratiche edilizie CILA SCIA

Building trade practices.

In Orbyta Engineering we take care of all the necessary permits for your building project, including CILA, SILA, SCIA and PDCN.

In fact, we support you during all stages of choosing and drafting the building practices useful for obtaining permits in accordance with the law.

Progettazione architettonica_direzione lavori

Construction Management.

We ensure that every aspect of the work complies with the initial project, guaranteeing the highest quality and compliance with the client’s specific requirements.

Through periodic visits and careful supervision a team of experts, specializing in different disciplines, oversees the construction phase, both for public and private works.

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