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ai e ingegneria civile

AI and Machine Learning: New Horizons for Civil Engineering

Intelligenza Artificiale e Machine Learning: rivoluzionare l’Ingegneria Civile. Technological advancement has always pushed civil engineering towards new horizons. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are marking the beginning of a revolution, promising to transform from top to bottom

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Tensile structures: revolution in modern construction

In an era where architecture and engineering are constantly seeking innovative solutions to combine aesthetics, efficiency, and sustainability, tensile structures represent a cutting-edge response to contemporary construction needs. Characterized by their ability to support themselves through tension, these structures are

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archimapping_app per scoprire architettura a milano

Milan’s Contemporary Architecture with Archimapping

Discover Milan through its extraordinary contemporary architecture with Archimapping, the app from Politecnico di Milano. Explore the city’s hundred most iconic buildings and immerse yourself in its rich cultural history. Discover Milan’s Contemporary Architecture with Archimapping Milan, a city of

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National Trade Shows in the Construction Sector 2024

The entrepreneurial model to which most engineering firms refer is often too focused on production and the associated economic aspects. However, participation in trade events in the construction and building sector can be equally important and informative. Here are some

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Architectural Masterpieces Anticipated in 2024

Diverse projects in terms of size, approaches, and locations offer an opportunity to reflect on the direction the architecture world might take in the coming year. We’ve identified ten architectural marvels, some characterized by extreme innovation, others undergoing restoration. Discover

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