Technical Consulting.

Technical expertise and forensic engineering.

Engineering consulting

In Orbyta Engineering, we offer technical-engineering consulting in the forensic field.

Our team of consultants and forensic engineers provides detailed analytical support for structural damage investigations, facility evaluations, and specific technical expertise.

Immagine di un casco da lavoro giallo posizionato su una scrivania con computer e documenti, simbolo della nostra consulenza tecnica specializzata

Technical expertise.

Thanks to our team of highly qualified technical appraisers who specialize in a variety of areas, we are able to conduct detailed appraisals of structural damage, facility assessments, and other specific technical issues, offering clarity and professional solutions.

Our mission is to provide reliable support through in-depth analysis to solve technical-engineering challenges.

With dedication and expertise, we stand as your trusted partner in solving complex issues.

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Forensic Engineering.

the discipline that applies engineering principles to the resolution of legal and investigative issues, and in this context, in Orbyta Engineering, we provide advanced forensic engineering and technical consulting services. We use multidisciplinary expertise to analyze and resolve issues related to accidents, structural damage, and technical issues in the legal field.

Our team of experts provides technical advice to assess, understand and document crucial technical aspects, contributing to legal and investigative processes with professionalism and accuracy.

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