About Orbyta Engineering.

Engineering, architecture and technical consulting firm.

About us.

Orbyta Engineering: who we are

Orbyta Engineering is an engineering firm of the Orbyta Group that was established in 2020 from decades of experience in engineering, architectural and corporate compliance consulting.

In Orbyta Engineering we are driven by passion and supported by constant study and continuous innovation.

Our dedication results in customized solutions that ensure the highest quality at every stage of the project.

Our mission

Quality. Reliability. Innovation.

These values not only represent our commitment to those who rely on us but also embody our dedication towards them.

We work together, we innovate together: at Orbyta Engineering, we build the future with our clients, step by step.

Vision & Values.

We value every project.

Every initiative begins with listening and understanding the client.

Through our professionalism and creativity, we make each project unique.


In Orbyta Engineering, creativity is the beating heart of our philosophy. We strive to push the boundaries of the ordinary, offering innovative and visionary engineering consulting capable of making an impression.


Technology is the driving force behind our work.  We adopt advanced technological solutions, ensuring that each project reflects the client’s desires, advancing our mission to design the future.


Our team is composed of professionals from different disciplines. Our diversity allows us to adopt a holistic approach and offer comprehensive and integrated solutions.


In a constantly evolving world, we can cope with change and adapt to customer needs because of our dynamism, ensuring therefore efficient results quickly.


In Orbyta Engineering we are committed to developing solutions that respect the environment, promoting sustainable practices and contributing to a greener and more responsible future.


We deeply care about the projects we work on and the clients who choose us. We provide high quality engineering consulting, meeting deadlines, and ensuring high standards of ethics and professional integrity.

Design the future.

Our technologies.

Our engineering and architectural projects are always supported using state-of-the-art technologies that enable us to meet our clients’ expectations in the expected time.

BIM | Building Information Modeling

BIM is the collaborative design method of obtaining a digital representation of a building’s physical and functional characteristics.

In Orbyta Engineering we use BIM as an integral part of our methodology, ensuring more accurate, collaborative, and efficient projects where we can take care of every detail.

MEP | Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

The MEP methodology allows us to work in plant design ensuring optimal integration with the architecture, structure, and every other component of the building.

Using MEP technology fosters an environmentally conscious approach, ensuring a comprehensive view of the energy impacts of the project, as well as reducing time, labor costs.


In Orbyta Engineering, we utilize Matterport technology for 3D space acquisition.

By using Matterport, we can create a real virtual tour inside properties, providing customers with an engaging and immersive experience.

VR | Virtual Reality

In Orbyta Engineering we integrate VR (Virtual Reality) into our processes to provide a virtual preview of projects, enabling stakeholders to explore and understand proposed spaces in an immersive way.

LIDAR | Light Detection and Ranging

LiDAR is an advanced technology that uses the principle of laser reflection to accurately measure distances and create 3D representations of physical environments.

In Orbyta Engineering, we leverage LiDAR technology to obtain accurate data that enable us to optimize design and monitoring processes.

Our tools.

We use state-of-the-art tools to achieve increasingly accurate and detailed results while reducing time and costs.


Architectural design and 3D modeling reach higher levels with the use of the Archicad tool.

In fact, this powerful BIM platform, is fundamental to the creation of our innovative architectural designs and comprehensive information management throughout the project lifecycle.


The use of the drone for photogrammetric surveys is essential for data collection useful for architectural and engineering design.

We use the drone, for example, for geo-spatial data recounting, inspection of inaccessible areas, environmental monitoring, structural inspections, and also have a more detailed overview of the construction site area.

MP7 | Mobile Mapping System​

We have adopted one of the most advanced technologies in the field of surveying and measurement: the MP7.

Indeed, this device allows us to capture and analyze geospatial data quickly and comprehensively, thus offering state-of-the-art design and project management solutions.

Accelerometer and Sound Level Meter

We use accelerometer technology to ensure that noise pollution levels are kept within legal requirements and are of a safe level.

We make extensive use of sound level measurement tools to assess and manage the noise impact of environments in order to design sustainable and comfortable spaces.

Laser Scanner

Laser scanning is a cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes the way we collect and document three-dimensional data of environments and structures. It allows us, for example, to obtain accurate data that is essential for design, construction, and project management.

Therefore, we have a comprehensive and reliable view of the environment that enables us to make informed decisions and offer quality engineering or architectural advice.