Plant refunctionalization project for a municipal building – Osasio

The innovative social housing project, conceived and realized by Orbyta Engineering, has breathed new life into a municipal building, transforming it into a facility dedicated to the well-being of self-sufficient elderly individuals.

An operation that goes beyond architectural refurbishment, including an advanced approach to plant design to ensure a sustainable and comfortable environment.

Plant design

The building, spread over two above-ground floors, has been designed to accommodate various activities. The ground floor will host medical offices, while the upper floor will be entirely dedicated to social housing for self-sufficient elderly individuals.

VRF system

A key element of this design is the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system, characterized by an outdoor motor-condensing unit controlled by an inverter and a number of indoor units installed at floor level, ensuring high energy efficiency.

This system not only allows for precise control of indoor temperature and humidity but also significantly contributes to environmental sustainability.

VMC system

The presence of a Mechanical Controlled Ventilation (MCV) system on both floors, for both the medical offices on the ground floor and the Social Housing on the upper floor, promotes continuous air exchange and environmental purification. The integration of heat recovery units optimizes energy efficiency, ensuring high standards of comfort and healthiness.

Underfloor heating system and drainage system

The use of a radiant underfloor heating system, supported by an air-water heat pump and insulating panels, ensures uniform and efficient heat distribution.

The drainage system, designed in accordance with current regulations, includes pipes sized according to flow rate and a pumping station for wastewater lifting.

Photovoltaic panel system

The implementation of a 15 kW photovoltaic system, located on the building’s roof, represents a milestone in promoting energy sustainability, allowing for solar energy production.

To learn more about the energy efficiency project carried out, check out our Portfolio.

Underfloor heating system
Photovoltaic panel system​
VMC system


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