Milan’s Contemporary Architecture with Archimapping

archimapping_app per scoprire architettura a milano

Discover Milan through its extraordinary contemporary architecture with Archimapping, the app from Politecnico di Milano. Explore the city’s hundred most iconic buildings and immerse yourself in its rich cultural history. Discover Milan’s Contemporary Architecture with Archimapping Milan, a city of art, fashion, and design, unveils another of its treasures in the splendid panorama of contemporary architecture with the introduction of Archimapping, the innovative app developed by Politecnico di Milano with the contribution of the Milano Community Foundation and the collaboration of AIM (Association for Metropolitan Interests). This app offers an unprecedented journey through Milan’s architectural history, presenting the city’s hundred most iconic buildings that have shaped its face from the Unification of Italy to the present day. An open-air museum of Contemporary Architecture Launched with an exciting presentation at the historical library of Politecnico di Milano, Archimapping has been met with great interest from professionals, students, tourists, and citizens eager to deepen their knowledge of Milanese architecture. This tool aims to promote the culture and identity of the city, encouraging people’s sense of belonging and rootedness in the places they inhabit. Teatro dal Verme 1872 Cimitero Monumentale Exploring Milan’s Iconic Architectures One of Archimapping’s distinctive features is its ability to transform Milan into an open air museum of contemporary architecture. Available in both Italian and English, the app offers precise geolocation and suggestions for thematic itineraries, allowing users to explore the city according to criteria of personal interest, whether typological, geographical, authorial, or chronological. The selected buildings represent a wide variety of styles and historical periods, reflecting Milan’s social, economic, and cultural evolution throughout the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Each work is meticulously documented through descriptive cards, historical iconographic materials, bibliographic references, and video contributions, offering users a comprehensive and engaging overview. Among the routes proposed by the app, ten thematic itineraries stand out, guiding visitors to discover architectures of work, culture, and leisure, the metropolitan area, sacred architecture, residence and collective housing, schools and universities, theaters, museums, and exhibition pavilions, among others. Archimapping presents a rich selection of buildings symbolizing Milan, from the oldest monuments such as the Monumental Cemetery by Carlo Maciachini and the Teatro Dal Verme, to more contemporary achievements such as the Vertical Forest by Boeri Studio and the Generali Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects. Works by the most famous architects are also included, such as the Velasca Tower by BBPR and the Pirelli Skyscraper by Gio Ponti. Furthermore, the app offers an insider’s view of Milan’s cultural institutions and universities, which have significantly contributed to the city’s architectural richness. Among these, stand out the Prada Foundation by OMA, the New Campus of Bocconi University by Sanaa, and the Campus of the University of Milano Bicocca by Gregotti Associati. Verical Forest Boeri Studio| Testa 2015 Velasca Tower 1950-58 | Samonà 1959 Archimapping represents a valuable tool for anyone wishing to explore Milan through its architecture, offering a unique and in-depth perspective on the city’s rich cultural heritage. Thanks to this app, every corner of Milan turns into a page of architectural history to discover and appreciate.