Building renovation project | Turin

Building renovation project | Turin

This project involves the modernization of an apartment located in a building dating back to the 1980s, with a spacious terrace overlooking a tree-lined avenue and a second facing the inner courtyard.

The owners requested an overhaul of the space to make it more functional and a redesign of the furniture in order to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

2023 - in progress

Project development

The renovation and interior design project took shape with the aim of achieving a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and personalization. The modification of the floor plan layout made it possible to create an open space. This intervention was possible thanks to the removal of a dividing wall, which in the beginning separated the two rooms overlooking the avenue.

In the new space, which is wide and bright, we placed the kitchen with an island and the living room. This room is connected to a room intended as an office, which enjoys a view of the courtyard side. The sleeping area and bathrooms are accessed via a corridor, in which the washer and dryer are located, disguised by a custom cabinet that blends in with the walls.

The bathrooms have been totally redesigned: a walk-in shower has been placed in one and a freestanding tub in the other. Both bathrooms have light-colored wall tiles, floor-mounted faucets, and wall-hung fixtures. A walk-in closet was created in the master bedroom, with a double-door sliding door on an exterior wall and LED lighting integrated into the closet structure.

Living render

Not only building renovation: the system design

The systems were also redesigned. The heating system was greatly improved with the installation of a more efficient distribution system, taking advantage of the latest generation of manifolds and heating bodies. In addition, the air conditioning system, thanks to the lowering of the ceiling in the entrance and hallway, was ducted to improve efficiency and aesthetically integrated.

Finally, the electrical system was completely renovated to support a home automation system that allows remote control of all rooms in the house.

This project is the realization of a shared vision between the clients and our team, resulting in an environment that reflects the needs and lifestyle of our clients.

ristrutturazione edilizia e interior design_orbyta
Post-intervention floor plan and render Living and Studio area