Orbyta Offices | Turin

Orbyta Offices in Turin Piazza Castello

The offices for the Orbyters at Piazza Castello 113 were born out of the need to unite several of the Orbyta Group’s operational offices into one large office.

The project concept was based on the company’s values, defined as: innovation, collaboration, and conviviality.


The design of the office spaces for Orbyta offices in Turin.

First, in line with the concept of the project, we divided the office area into three types of spaces: office space, meeting rooms, and lounge areas.

Spaces were divided by opaque walls or glass walls that could be opened as needed. As soon as one crosses the entrance to the offices, one is faced with the reception area.

Continuing to the right, we then find a corridor that leads to the offices, functional rooms, and the executive office from which there is access to one of the terraces overlooking the courtyard and Via Monte di Pietà.

From the reception desk and the long corridor there is access to the mezzanine level in which seven meeting rooms have been set up.

In the area to the left of the entrance, on the other hand, we designed spaces dedicated to conviviality, such as the kitchen with access to a terrace equipped with comfortable armchairs and picnic tables.

The Lounge Room then, represents a large room furnished with poufs, sofa, and small tables, offers an ideal place to relax during breaks.

In addition, the panoramic view from this room is one of the most impressive over Piazza Castello and Via Pietro Micca.

Render sala riunioni uffici orbyta-Torino
Meeting room render

The goal of the project was to ensure that all Orbyters can enjoy this prestigious view.

Above the kitchen, on the mezzanine level, a dining area was created, equipped with additional microwaves, refrigerators, and tables with chairs for meals.

On the other hand, in terms of the choice of furniture, we favored minimalist-looking, but well-equipped and modern rooms.

Each workstation is equipped with two screens, a dock-in station with wired connection, ergonomic keyboard, and mouse, as well as specially designed chairs for maximum comfort. We set up the meeting rooms with tables equipped with built-in electrical outlets and large screens for projecting images and videos.

Among the various meeting rooms designed for Orbyters, we dedicated one specifically to conduct training courses, equipping it with numerous chairs, desks, and a large screen to facilitate the transmission of information.

In conclusion, the project promotes interaction among employees. In this context, the office becomes a place to work, share, and grow together, emphasizing the prestigious view of the city and contributing to the company’s success and cohesion.

Render progetto uffici orbyta torino
Lounge room render
Lounge room photo