Renovation and Interior Design of a Private Apartment

ristrutturazione e interior design appartamento privato torino

Innovative Renovation of an Apartment in Turin

The recent transformation of two housing units into a single, spacious apartment located just steps from the center of Turin is at the heart of this project.

By demolishing a non-load-bearing dividing wall, a significant expansion of space was achieved, doubling the living area and improving the functionality and design of the dwelling.

2023 - in progress

Interior Design and Spatial Reorganization

Redesigning the Interior Spaces

The new arrangement of the interior spaces has revolutionized the living area, now featuring a large living room with a SOUTH exposure, made very bright by the presence of two large French doors that open onto a spacious terrace. This change has also contributed to improving the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces.

Kitchen and Living Area

In the living area, the kitchen has been designed with a linear layout along the shorter wall and is enriched by a central island equipped with an induction plate with an integrated hood, finely channeled for the expulsion of cooking fumes.

This is completed by an elegant dining table, strategically placed in the center of the room, and by a comfortable living space with a TV cabinet and sofa.

Render Living
Bathroom 1 Render

Bathrooms: Functionality and Design

The bathrooms have been completely renovated with a focus on both functionality and design. The choices of tiles have been carefully coordinated with the furniture.

One bathroom is equipped with a shower, integrated with a practical multi-use niche, while the other offers the luxury of a whirlpool tub, both designed to maximize comfort and style.

Advanced System Installation

Renewal of the Systems

The intervention included a total replacement and modernization of the existing systems. The outdated heating system was replaced with a more efficient heat pump, accompanied by a gas boiler for domestic hot water (DHW).

The electrical system is now fully manageable via home automation systems, which control lighting, external blinds, and shading curtains, ensuring a cutting-edge home in every aspect.

Future Flexibility

Special attention was given to the design of the systems, with the aim of maintaining the possibility of a future division of the apartment, thus ensuring versatile adaptability to different housing needs.

Conclusion: A New Living Concept
The result of this renovation is a prestigious apartment that offers ample indoor and outdoor living spaces, enriched by four bedrooms and two bathrooms, representing an excellent example of how modernity, functionality, and aesthetics can coexist harmoniously, setting new standards for contemporary living.
Original Living Room Photo and Living Room Render Post-Renovation
Exterior Area Render
Living Area Render