Restoration of Municipal Building: community space and sustainable city

Energy upgrading and residences for the elderly in the province of Turin.
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The project: renovation of the oratory owned by the Municipality of Osasio

The project consists of the renovation of the oratory owned by the Municipality of Osasio, located next to the main square of the small town in the province of Turin. The objective of the intervention was the creation of spaces intended for useful services to the community, promoting a sustainable and caring city.

Project development

The redevelopment includes installations and wall stratigraphy to make the building energy efficient, while respecting the historic urban fabric.

The development of the project followed the guidelines set by the City of Osasio for the rehabilitation of the former parish oratory. The concept is focused on the creation of residences for the elderly and other activities.

In designing the space, however, the theme of pre-existence and the relationship with existing buildings was fundamental. The project was confronted with an existing volume, characterized by a specific formal rigidity, and with the historical context of the surrounding city.

These aspects determined the orientation of the new building, its shape, volume and height.

In the new project, some elements reminiscent of the previous structure have been reintroduced, in addition to the extension of completely new elements, such as the outdoor terrace. The interior spaces accommodate different functions, distributed between the ground floor and the first floor.

On the ground floor, activities of public utility have been allocated, such as the medical clinic, which is accessed through the newly constructed portico; the multifunctional room, which has an area of 107 m2 with related services and access from the same portico. Also on the ground floor, public parking lots, a public green area, and the portico are designed.


progetto architettonico_osasio Orbyta engineering

The portico retains its function as access even for the first floor, where the social housing is located, consisting of nine rooms for self-sufficient elderly individuals, a large terrace, and a covered portico that replicates the module of the ground floor portico and allows for a covered outdoor area.

In conclusion, the project’s choice to preserve the identity of the place with architecture that is harmonious has proven successful, contributing to creating a functional and welcoming environment.

progetto architettonico di recupero ex oratorio_ social housing_osasio